Gestures on the Rowmote Pro Trackpad

The following gestures are supported on the Rowmote Pro trackpad:

  • 1 finger:
    • Movement: Move the mouse
    • Tap: Click
    • Double-Tap: Double-Click
    • Tap-Tap-Drag: Click and hold, to drag
  • 2 fingers:
    • Movement: Scroll (up, down, left, right, diagonal)
    • Tap: Right-click
    • Pinch: Zoom the screen
  • 3 fingers:
    • Swipe: Application dependent. For example:
      • Safari: Swipe left = Back. Swipe right = Forward. (In web page history)
      • Preview: Swipe left or up: Back an image. Swipe right or down: Forward an image.
  • 4 fingers:
    • Swipe down: Show all windows in Exposé
    • Swipe up: Show desktop
    • Swipe left/right: Show the app switcher

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