Controlling Netflix via Rowmote

The best way to experience Netflix is not to use your web browser but rather to let a third-party interface drive your Netflix experience.

With any of the following solutions, you get access to your Netflix queue and to searching Netflix, just as you could from the web site, but with an easily-navigable menu system that can be handled from your couch via Rowmote.

You have several choices:

1. Install Plex, and use its Netflix 'Video Channel'. To install, go to the Channel Directory in Plex's main menu. Find and select the Netflix channel in the Popular list or via the Search function. Once it is installed, highlight 'Video Channels' in the main menu, move to the right, and select Netflix.

2. Install XBMC, and use its Netflix 'Video Plug-in'.

Plex and XBMC are full media center solutions and can greatly enhance the use of your Mac as a media device. We suggest you check out the websites of both.

We have previously recommended the Understudy plugin for Front Row (Apple's media management interface), which allowed access to Netflix via Front Row.  However, the current version is not working.

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