Changing the scrolling direction

By default, Rowmote follows the preferences set in System Preferences for scrolling direction if you have an attached (or internal) trackpad.

Rowmote Pro 3.5.6 has a setting to control the scrolling direction; just use that. The below information is not needed.

Rowmote 3.5.6 is in review with Apple and will provide the same setting if you have purchased the Rowmote Pro upgrade.  Until it is approved, a hidden preference can be used to change the scrolling direction.

1. Quit Rowmote Helper by double clicking its icon in Finder and selecting Quit.

2. Launch Terminal from /Applications/Utilities

3. Copy and paste the appropriate command (all on one line), pressing return afterwards:

For the 'natural' scrolling direction introduced in Lion, even if you are using Mac OS X 10.6 or earlier:

defaults write com.regularrateandrhythm.Rowmote_Helper -bool true

For the 'traditional' scrolling direction from Mac OS X 10.6 and prior:

defaults write com.regularrateandrhythm.Rowmote_Helper -bool false

4. Relaunch Rowmote Helper. (You may quit Terminal).

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