Rowmote Pro Support

Please note that Rowmote only supports the applications listed on the main page; if you’d like to request support for controlling another application, please just let us know.

Rowmote Helper must be running on the computer to be controlled. If it’s running, double-clicking it should show a dialogue with the current version number, offering to quit the program.  If you quit Rowmote Helper manually, it won’t launch again until you tell it to do so; otherwise, Rowmote Helper will automatically launch when you log into your computer. Unless you are able to use a Bluetooth connection via Internet tethering, your iPhone or iPod Touch’s WiFi must be enabled in its Settings, and it must be connected to the same network as your computer.


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Feature request, bug report, problem not solved through this FAQ, or just something to say? Please email us at If Rowmote isn’t working perfectly for you, please give us an opportunity to fix it!