ICD10 Consult 2020

ICD10 Consult puts the most searchable, complete, current ICD10-CM resource at your fingertips. With flexible search that speaks your language, a deep understanding of the codes, instant ICD9 to ICD10 conversion, and more, this is the resource you wish your EMR provided.

With ICD10 Consult, you’ll never have to flip through a 30 pound book or go hunting for a coding reference page again... nor will you scratch your head wondering which 'magic word' is in the code's name.

★  Deep code analysis allows easy handling of laterality, encounter, and staging codes, letting the app do the work of finding the perfect code.

★  Tens of thousands of medical acronyms and synonyms are transparently cross-referenced to let you search using the terms you are used to; e.g. "MI" → "Myocardial Infarction"

★  Search term flexibility understands that, for example, 'vertebrae' matches 'vertebra' and 'ovarian' matches 'ovary'

★  ICD-10 tabular and alphabetical indexes integrated and simultaneously accessed to maximize results

★  Instant linkage within code descriptions

★  Coding guidelines as well as section and chapter instructions tightly integrated

★  Know at-a-glance if a code is valid for reimbursement or if more specificity is needed

★  Browse diagnoses by chapter, section and subsection; search within specific hierarchies 

★  Favorites list allows quick access to your most common codes with hierarchical groups to organize them your way.

★  Convert ICD9 codes to ICD10 by name or by code number